BlieSMa M74T-6
BlieSMa M142T-6
BlieSMa - W137T_news
Jantzen - JA-8008
BlieSMa - M74T-6
Morel - TSCW938
PURIFI - PTT10.0x04-NAB-01
SEAS - T29X001
SEAS - W22NY003
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New BlieSMa midranges and woofers

M74T-6 midrange driver is available to order

M142T-6 midrange driver is available for pre-order.

The key features of new Bliesma midranges are domes made from TeXtreme®.

TeXtreme® is modern ultra-light carbon-fiber composite material.

Unlike traditional carbon fibers spun in a circular arrangement, TeXtreme® fibres are arranged in thin, flat, crossed tapes. Such unique structure provides excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio and demonstrates extreme clarity in sound reproduction.

The first Bliesma woofer with TeXtreme dome is also announced - W137T-854. In addition to its unique dome, key feature of W137T-854 is the voice coil resistance can be selected as 8-,5- and 4-Ohm.